PMP Track Rules

Open Lapping day Information.

All drivers are required to attend our drivers/riders meetings.  If you are late you must find the track manager for a personal meeting. Personal meetings will be at the discretion of the management. All drivers must be 18 years of age or older unless a valid and current race license is held. Non-licensed 16 and 17-year-olds may be able to drive with an instructor.  Reach out to for a list of approved instructors. Passengers and spectators are always free of charge and welcome for all open lapping events. Passenger privileges may be revoked for any reason and at any time by track management.

We try and keep the website as current as possible for our open-lapping schedule but please note our schedule supersedes all other posted schedules.

All registrations must be done in advance through At the gate, registration is available with a $20 surcharge.

Our winter schedule events (November through March) will run as follows.
  • Gates at 8 am, Drivers meeting at 9:30 am
  • Track is hot at 10 am.
Our Summer schedule will run as follows.
  • Gate at 6 am
  • Drivers meeting at 7:30 am
  • Track is hot at 8 am.

Winter sessions have a minimum registration limit and may be canceled for weather or low registration.  Refunds and credits upon request.

Summer sessions will run no matter what.  We will not cancel for weather or registrations.  All refund or credit requests must be in 24 hours before the start time.

Open lapping rules for cars.

All drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license, a car in good working order, and a helmet.

We do not have specific helmet requirements but we always recommend a Snell-rated helmet. We do not have helmets for rent so we suggest you go see the fine folks at and they can get you fitted. Open-face helmets are allowed for open lapping in cars only.

Please ensure your car interior is clean and any loose items are stored or removed. The easiest way to remember is “if it isn’t bolted down it does not come to the track”.

Any car you have is the right care if it’s not dripping oil and is safe for you to be in. We highly recommend A high-temperature brake fluid and running water with a coolant additive like “Water wetter” etc.

There are a few exceptions. Lifted vehicles or extreme weight SUV/trucks are not allowed. Convertibles must have rollover protection, though most newer cars come from the factory with this installed.  If you are unsure about your rollover protection please feel free to email

All cars must have a front-mounted tow hook installed. If your car comes with a factory tow option in the trunk it must be on the car before you enter the racing surface. If your car does not have a factory option, we ask that you know where the best towing option is on your car and be ready to tell us exactly where it is.  We will always try our hardest to ensure that no damage comes to your car during the towing process but cannot be held responsible if it were to happen.

Drivers and passengers aged 18 and over must both be helmeted and be secured behind unaltered factory 3-point seat belts.  Aftermarket and race harnesses are allowed but must be installed per the belt manufacturers’ recommended installation guide. Driver and passenger belts must match.

We do have 50 amp power available for Electric car charging.  Please reach out to for registration.

Open Lapping for Motorcycles

All riders must wear full leathers including boots that cover the ankle and gloves that extend over the wrist. 2-piece suits are allowed however they must zip all the way to secure the top and bottoms together.  Full-faced non-hinged helmets are required.

  • Passengers are not allowed in any circumstance.
  • Motorcycles must be free of any leaking and must run straight water or water with a coolant additive like “Water wetter” etc.
  • All glass “including mirrors” must be taped or removed before entering the racing surface.
  • We strongly suggest the highest quality safety gear and back protection be worn by all riders.